Monday, February 4, 2013

Mantle Monday No. 6 Valentines Day

Hey! I feel like it really has been forever since I shared a mantle for mantle Monday! I was excited to do something valentines Day themed, but also wanted to spend very little doing it. So I scrounged all over my house for things that would fit my chosen color scheme and style. I went with simple, and not too much pink, just a little "kiss"" of it..( pun intended...) So here it is!!

Entire front view of the mantle... The wall is looking more grey everyday! I love first I thought it was too blue, but it is so calming....

Side view:  White Distressed Candlestick- Goodwill-$3.99 Brown Candlestick base- Goodwill $2.99
Tin bucket small- Ikea Frames and white artwork- goodwill all less than $8.00 together.

I took this photos to spell love. I have been trying to build a "photography alphabet" and recently finished. I sold some at my recent craft fair and had these left over. They are just found objects that looked like letters. Love the way this turned out. I found this frame at a local thrift shop for $3.00 ! matte included. I snatched it up having this in mind from the beg. I will display it way past the holiday. The frame on the left was another goodwill find. I cut out some card stock hearts, and sewed them together using a chain feeding method( just feeding the hearts into the needle in one continuous thread.) Then I cut and taped them into the frame. I like how the brown frame matched the brown candlestick. Tried to have at least 2 of every color I used so there was familiarity.

I had this base which was a $2.99 find at goodwill. I wanted a pom or ball on top and was going to make one, them I remembered I had these. I used them for my daughter's birthday in December and I had two pink and two white. I got them at walmart for 0.99 each I think. They come flat and you open and they have sticky stuff to hold them open...EASY!

More of the pomander balls from Walmart  and a cute little wire basket I found at .... yes goodwill again....I LOVE IT. Looked like a little basket to collect farm eggs or something but I ADORE IT> Love keys to and had this laying around and threw it in.

I Found this urn at a thrift store and re-painted it. See tutorial HERE. I made this garland out of old book pages and just sewed them together on my sewing machine.

A view of the book page garland hanging in the front. Love it, and will display probably often.

Well that is it! Happy v-day!

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