Sunday, August 19, 2012

You are not forgotten my dear little blog...

So it feels like it has been SO long since I have written a good solid post here, and I miss it so much. We have been so very very busy these last two weeks.

 First a little background... we were supposed to close on our house our home( ! ) on August 6th. Well it didn't happen. Since we got a RD ( rural development) loan there were certain requirements that had to be met for the loan to go through. One of these was that there had to be an egress window put into the basement, ( I didn't know what it was either. It is an escape window, with one of those little "well" things around it, so that you can get out in case of an emergency.) Well the contractors really drug their feet on starting the project because they didn't know how to do it ( YIKES!) this worried me, but eventually it all got done just fine, so no worries. We found out this past Monday that everything was moving along, and we were going to be able to move in this next week! This was so exciting because after things didn't happen on time, we really didn't know when they were going to happen and we were having to be super patient. So we finally closed on the house this last Thursday. It felt so good to finally do this, I was not nervous, just relieved, and so ready to be doing it. Here are some pictures from our big day!!

So,  sorry that there has not been a lot going on here the last week or so, but I can't wait to reveal what we are working on right now. There was about a week and a half distance between the time we closed, and when we can actually move in. With this time we decided to get some things done. Our bed weighs one million, trillion, gazillion pounds, and flops all over the place. So instead of having to move it in the room, and then back our again to re- do it, we are doing our bedroom now since it takes about 8 people to actually move the bed. We are also re-doing the living room, just because we really wanted to, and can. SO there will be pictures of that up here, as soon as we get all moved in, which is this Thursday!!!! ( we get kicked out of our apartment that day, so it better be that day, or we are homeless.) Stay tuned for the fun :)

- Amanda

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