Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baby Mobile- String Balls & Pomanders

So today's post is showing some pinterest love... I actually did these projects before I even had a pinterest account, but after I got pinterest I found lots of DIY that were similar and explained it well. Before I had pinterest my computer had tons of little folders all over the desktop with pictures of inspiration for future projects.  So instead of just showing you the steps I followed online to do these in the first place I will show you pins that share the same steps. :)

I made this baby mobile for my little girls room, and she LOVES staring at it.

here are a few pictures of me doing it...

HERE is the pin link for the pomander balls tutorial...
diy tissue pomanders?

here are simular pins using other materials, click to follow link...

pretty, and easy

tissue rosette balls

Could also use coffee filters...??

Here was my inspiration for the string balls in the first place. This picture is DREAMY...

String Balls

here are some DIY for the string balls:

Hanging string balls DIY

DIY Hanging String Balls

I hung them using fishing line at varied heights and I was done!! I can't wait to try and make some lights out of them soon...

have a great weekend!!!

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Rebecca Bodily said...

With how busy you are this week, I'm surprised you got in the time to post something, but I'm glad you did! Love the sweetly easy way to do the glue balls!