Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DIY Pedestal

So this week is a fun DIY project that has so many possibilities, and of course it is easy on the wallet too:) 
It has VERY few steps, and I use it everywhere in my home and love it.


  • Gorilla Glue or screws
  • paints in color you choose
  • paintbrushes

  • Candlestick base ( wood or glass)
  • Wooden or metal plate topper
  • sandpaper

Step 1: Gorilla glue candlestick bottom to the plate. Which is what I had to do on one of mine,  because there was an indent in the candlestick, but if it is flat, then a screw would work great.

Step 2: Paint a base coat of paint to entire thing. I chose charcoal grey ( hard to tell in picture... but it is), and my coat of paint was not very even. 

Step 3: Paint second coat of paint covering everything. I chose white

Step 4: sand and distress to show the base coat color through the final coat color, focusing on edges and places with texture.

step 5:  fill with goodies:) and display!!!

Here is another one I made, and it is in my bathroom now.

5 easy steps!!! Enjoy!!!

See ya thursday!!!

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