Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th of July Toes!!

SO I started writing this post HOURS ago in effort to try and get it before it was too late for the 4th tomorrow, but my daughter Khloe had a different plan in mind... Well better late than never!!!

Originally I had this great fun idea to take a bunch of pictures using sparklers and posting them here, well due to all of the fires in this area of Idaho, they have banned ALL fireworks :( This means even the big show tomorrow. I was pretty sad, because I was excited to take these pictures, but they will just have to wait.

( I might just be sneaky and do them even with the ban, and do it over a large asphalt surface or something..hee.hee.) 

Well, I wanted to do something for the 4th, so here are my celebration toes!! I love them, and never do anything like this, which made this really fun, and it took no time at all. DIY below: 
SIDE NOTE: I have dancers  feet, and I know that they are a little beat up... please excuse the un-model like feet used in the tutorial :)

1.) Prep your toes: 
Take off old polish etc. Trim, cuticles, file,  etc. I love the way my feet feel after this part, its a mini pedicure.

( and yes I even shaved off the little blond hairs on my toes because they are ugly, and I wanted these pictures to be pretty. I am also admitting I have those little blond hairs, you know you do too. ;)

I will not be posting a picture of this step because, A.) I think you get it... and B.) I have never met a naked toe that I liked, so I will not share my naked toes with you.

2.) Paint base coat:
Start with big toe, and paint Nails WHITE,  RED, WHITE, RED, WHITE, 2 coats if needed. The big toe must be white :)

3.) Apply star sticker:
I used a glow in the dark ceiling star because its what I had, but those common foil stars would be PERFECT...

4.) Paint over the star:
paint over the big toe with blue

5.) Peel off the star, and clean:
I peeled off the star, and cleaned up my messy paint job with nail polish remover and q-tip. Apply a clear coat over everything, and voila!!!!! you have a flag on your feet:)

Have a Happy 4th of July!!!!!


Unknown said...

Feet are kind of a personal thing, so it's kinda cool to see pictures of them here. Super rad idea with the star!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful feet!

Anonymous said...

omg your feet are completely hot!! love each cute toe of yours and love you spreading your big toe in the one picture!!

axemanpwh said...

Awesome toes!