Monday, January 14, 2013

-15 below zero & snappin' away...

So recently I just started a photography business here in my little town. It has been almost 8 months coming. I was learning and getting my portfolio a little more stocked. Finally after what has felt like FOREVER I launched my site, and got a business license. Needless to say that is what has been eating all of my time lately. Here are a few of my most recent photos. My little girl just turned one at the end of december and so it was time for her one year shoot. I found this to be hard since it is SO DANG cold outside here. I think the thermostat said -15 when I woke up this morning. So we only got a few good shots before her little nose and hands turned red, and she started to quiver cry....:( I felt awful. 
Well here is the link to my site. Check it out.

I also have a facebook page HERE. Like me, and you can follow all of the fun shoots we embark on.

Stay tuned for the regularly schedule posting to pick up again soon.:) mantle monday already in the making for next week.

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