Monday, November 19, 2012

Mantle Monday No.5-What I am thankful for...

Welcome to Mantle Monday no.5 I thought in light of Thanksgiving this week, I would do a mantle including some of the things that I am grateful for. I wanted to keep the colors pretty neutral, and fresh. So I chose brown and white as my color pallet. Here it is...
This frame is one that I made for a recent craft fair. I hung pictures of my daughter, and me holding her on it, because she is literally my everything, and I can never have enough pictures of her displayed throughout the house.

This is my newest little wreath I made. I am going to give it to my sister for Christmas  she just does not know it yet:) hee hee(!) I am thankful for talents, and the time I get to create.

This is my newest lamp creation. I really enjoy lighting and everything to do with it. This one I did for fun a few weeks ago. It is made out of old book pages. For this one, I am grateful for education, and the opportunity that I had get a good education. There will be a tutorial for this light and one like it very, very soon.
wanna make a pedestal ? tutorial HERE
so, my sister Heather Carey was in town for thanksgiving. It was time for Mantle Monday and I wanted her help with it. Well she actually did this whole thing, and I love the way that it turned out. I chose the color palette  and laid out a bunch of stuff, and she did the rest. I wanted the mantle to showcase things that I am thankful for, and I think she did a great job. She also has a blog with lots of crafty things HERE. Check her out. She is great agt couponing, creating, and has a cool old house they are fixing up. She also takes special orders if you see something that you like. Well that is it!! HAPPY TURKEY DAY!

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