Saturday, July 13, 2013

DIY Cake Plate

I recently had my first cake smash photo session. It was so fun, and this little one year old couldn't have been any cuter:) I wanted a cute cake plate to display the cake her momma was working so hard on. I searched online everywhere, and really couldn't find anything I loved for a decent price. So I set out to make one. Here is how it turned out:

It was easy to do, and the process is similar to another craft I have blogged about. I made my pedestals the same way in this tutorial HERE

Make one for yourself! It makes a great display for all kinds of food, and the materials are cheap, and usually easy to find in a local thrift store.
(Disclaimer: This is not dishwasher safe. Gentle wipe/ hand wash only...)

Here are the materials I used: 
( please excuse the crappy I-phone photo, it was all I had on me....)

* Gorilla glue
* Candlestick base ( mine was metal, but wood or plastic would work too)
* Charger plate or a platter ( mine is plastic)
* Spray paint ( not pictured)

I just glued them together using the gorilla glue. I made sure that the base was centered in the middle of the plate, so that it would balance correctly. I set lots of heavy books on top, and gave it a day to dry.
After they were dry, and all glued together, I painted it with white spray paint. I made sure to get the kind that bonds to plastic, wood, and metal, because my base was metal, and my top was plastic. 
I found both of these things at goodwill, for $1 each. These charger plates used to be more expensive a few years ago, and now there are TONS in thrift stores everywhere. They are usually with the christmas decor stuff. When looking for a base, I recommend getting a candlestick base that is as wide and short as you can find. Too tall of a base may cause whatever you put on it to tip over easier. The wider base will give it more support too. Here are some more photos from the shoot...

If you want to see more from this shoot, you can see more on my website HERE. It was so much fun, and I loved how girly, and frilly it turned out. It also stayed standing regardless of her mashing her cake all over it. It cleaned up with water too. ENJOY!

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