Friday, October 5, 2012

Fashion Friday- Cream, Black, and white

So here is the second fashion Friday  I am excited to reveal our new beautiful family pictures. It is the first time we have gotten pictures taken as a family (!).

Our AMAZING, WONDERFUL, TALENTED, friend Rebecca Bodily took them for us, and I am SO, SO, SO, excited about them. She really has a great eye, and did such a great job. She is also a fellow blogger. You can check out her awesomness, and lovely life HERE. She recently found out they are moving to Nauvoo for a job. I feel so bittersweet about it. I want her to be happy, but I want me to be happy too, and she makes me happy. I know I gotta let her go on to new adventures though :) ( like I really have a complete say in the choice, but if I did....) Well again, I love her, and I am so grateful for her talent, and these great pictures. It is a family fashion Friday... We are all dressed up. I made my little ones' pea coat  out of an old dress, this week for these pictures. I will share it all here later, as a DIY. ok... drum roll please......thank you are fabulous.

My outfit:
Boots: Old Navy- Gift, Black Skinny Jeans- Rue 21- $15.00, White v-neck $4.00, Cream sweater- Worthingtons- Hand-me Down, Black scarf: Walmart, Bangles, local boutique $5.00

Happy Fashion Friday!!


Jackie Price said...

So cute! Did you take those yourself?

Amanda said...

Haha Thank you!! No My friend Becca Bodily took them for us. Your little guy is adorable... I hope you are well.