Friday, September 28, 2012

Fashion Friday- Hip Hop/ Lumberjack

Fashion. It is something I am interested in but, I am really not amazing at. Since I went to school for dance, I have literally worn sweats for 4 years. Since having a baby, and adjusting to my new bod, sweats are still my go-to outfit. Also lets admit it, I am short, and def not a size 2 or even 5. So when skinny jeans came out, there was an adjustment period... I love dressing hip- hoppy and have tons and tons of stuff. The only thing is, I want to dress up and be so much more fashionable and my dance clothes are not always such. So I am going to try and be more fashionable.. haha. Every Friday I am going to try something new, and dress a little outside my comfort zone. This weeks' look is something I am going to call the Hip Hop- Lumberjack :) My baby wanted to pose too :) She is so funny.

Boots- thrifted $8.00.. Jeans- Rue 21 2/ $30.00.. White v-neck- Hanes' men's department:)/ 5 pack $10.00 ... Plaid shirt- thrifted $ 3.00...bangles- local boutique mix and match all for $9.00... eternity scarf- made from fabric bought @ Walmart $5.00 for the whole bolt, (  I made like 5 as gifts...)

This was fun, and I have only found one other way to wear these boots, which I love. The buckles on back are my fav. I also have a hard time not being too matchy -matchy with my colors, and with mixing textures. To prevent this, I put on a coral bangle,  for a small pop of color, and a leopard print bangle for a different texture..small but.. baby steps right??

Have a great weekend!


Rebecca Bodily said...

This is rockin! Did you do this with a timer or did hub take them? You look great, and well done going outside your comfort zone with the pink and leopard. Excited for Fashion Fridays!

Amanda said...

Haha. A timer. Khloe was like two inches outside every frame.