Friday, October 19, 2012

Fashion Friday- casual/ comfy

Hey everyone!

 Here is fashion Friday this week. It was a super comfy outfit, and super casual. My baby is also stylin' her new carters outfit that her Nana got for her at the beach. I love the little rosettes on the cardigan, and of course, animal print pants out control ;)

Shirt/ really really short dress :) Forever 21.  Jeans- Big star. Shoes- converse

I really liked this outfit, it was totally functional for everyday, and still a little dressy. All of it, except the shoes, was thrifted. I seriously love thrift stores. I found the jeans and shirt at different times, and wear the jeans like crazy. They are so comfy. The shirt, is actually a dress I think. A short, short, clubbing kind of dress. So I made it a long shirt.I liked how it bunched at the bottom, and my fav part is the long zipper down the back. The converse are my favorite pair of shoes and are clearly well worn. I have had them since I was 17. So....9 years!! ( crazy.) They have held up pretty well, but it is time for some new ones. My favorite part is the cool texture, and black laces. They are my go to shoes. Well that is it!! Happy casual friday!


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