Friday, June 8, 2012

Twine Ball

For under a dollar !!!

 Twine balls and other decorative balls are very trendy, but can be spendy :) SO... make your own for almost free, d.i.y. below...


  • Styrofoam ball ( any size you choose.)
  • rope/ twine/ jute/ cord etc. Some kind of wrapping material
  • hot glue/ hot glue sticks...
  • possibly paint, if you choose to paint

1.) Dab a bit of hot glue onto the styrofoam ball, and attach the end of the twine to the hot glue.

2.)Start wrapping the twine around the ball continuously gluing it as you go, and making sure that it is tight, and that you have covered the end of where you started it...

3.) keep going making sure that there are no spaces between layers. You don't wanna see any styrofoam ball between the twine. Finish it off by tucking the tail of the twine into the end so that it cannot be seen, and glue it into place!!! Then you can leave it, or paint, and place into a bowl with similar things and use as table decor!!! I painted one with a little white, and left one that was done with a darker rope plain. My cost for one ball was under a dollar, because I bought the styrofoam balls 3/ $1 at the dollar tree, and the rope was about 3$ for a 50 feet, and I barely used any... so anyways... Looks great and costs almost nothing!!!!!

Have fun! If you make your own please share below, i'd love to see what you do!!! Look for upcoming posts about making the other kinds of balls in my bowl, and how to decorate with them!!!

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