Sunday, June 10, 2012

Re- Vamping my Urn & Glazing

So I was in our local thrift store the other day and found this great little urn for a buck. It was thick plastic, and had plenty of pretty designs. I snatched it up and brought it home to makeover. Here is how I did it!!

a urn/ planter
paint- I prefer flat but any sheen will work
glaze- tint-able or tinted
paint brushes/ foam brushes
a cloth or rag

1.) It was plain and had a horrible faux marble pattern on it. So I bought some flat white paint at my local hardware store, for 5 bucks, ( clearance paint :) and gave it a good 2 coats, 3 in some tougher areas. I left the inside black because I figured that it would just have stuff in it anyways.

2.) Next I took my clear glaze, wait...side note.... I also bought a quart of clear " decorators glaze at the same hardware store, artistic finishes. I bought clear because I wanted to be able to tint it any color I wanted depending on the project. I know that Valspar sells tinted glaze, which may be the way for you, but I wanted the versatility of clear. You can add any water/ or latex based paint ( like craft paint) to it, no oil based paints though...

So... anyways, I poured a little glaze out, and tinted it charcoal gray by adding charcoal grey paint. Then I used a paintbrush to paint the glaze over the textured parts of the urn. I paid close attention to the grooves and crevasses where I could let the glaze seep in. I let it sit for about 5 seconds ( literally) and then used a cloth to wipe it off. This allowed the high areas to be more white than the grooves, and lower area, creating some depth...

Left side glazed, ride side no glaze, just bast coat paint

right side with glaze applied and sitting on it

Wiping the excess glaze off with a cloth, letting some stay in the grooves
3.) I did this all over, and even some on the flat areas to help tie it all together.I wanted it to look like " stone" -ish, and more subtle/ romantic? : ) I am not sure if this is the correct way to apply glaze, but I liked how it looked, and went with it.. I can't wait to try it on other projects.

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Rebecca Bodily said...

What a cool project! Looks super classy!