Monday, November 12, 2012

Mantle Monday No.4- Hint of green

Here is my newest Mantle! I have been dying to do something with chevron, and here it is!! Just a hint of fresh lovely green......
The entire mantle from the front..
 I tried to make three things at least the same height all the way across so that it looked like there was some similarities between the items. The apple barrel basket, white vase with flowers, and twine wrapped bottle were all about the same height. I started by centering the vase and wreath and worked out from there. I wanted a variety in height and texture. I also wanted to have it be a little more minimalistic than my previous ones. So I left a little wall showing behind things, and a few spaces. As far as texture I love chevron, and having it look distressed. I like the look of the two colors brown and black together. Since everything else was brown and neutral though I needed another black grounding item, so I added the lantern on the opposite side of the black and white chevron. The music print wreath and burlap added some intresting texture and the poms added a hint of softness. I like this mantle and wanna keep it up forever. It makes me think of fall but a fresh fall, and different than the traditional oranges and reds...

I got these little woven apples at goodwill 3 for 3 dollars!!! love the hint of green:) I also repainted this gold lantern black I got it at a thrift store for 75 cents!! I made the chevron  board using painters tape at 4" pieces, I eyeballed the pattern, painted it and then distressed it. 

I got this apple barrel basket at a local shop for 50 cents. I cut up some burlap, placed it over something in the barrel to give height and stuck some apples on top so they could be seen. The green frame was black and I dry brushed it with this olive green color. I like how the apples and the frame were different shade of green. They kinda tied together a fresh look in a different way. I got the letter "c" for Conley:) for 50 cents at goodwill, just how it is.

This vase also again came from a thrift store. Love it... I made the burlap rose and "wish poms" as I call them. The total cost was super cheap because I cut the branches out of my front yard to glue into the yarn poms. I will do a tutorail soon. They are super easy. The roses I learned awhile ago. There is a great tutorial for them HERE.

I made this music sheet wreath with an old music book that I got a a local thrift and it  was already looking kinda aged. I like how it turned out.

I made this black and white chevron, using an old IKEA board that I got for super cheap, and then repainted. I tried to layer and lean a lot of things over each other to get a more interesting look.

close up of the apples

I wrapped an old soda bottle with twine, and hot glue, and stuck a wish pom in it. The great part is that it can hold water, because it is glass, so I can put real flowers in it too. I thought the color of the twine matched the apple barrel basket nicely.

Both chevrons together. One black and white, and one brown and white.

Well that it is! Happy Mantle Monday!!


Rebecca Bodily said...

This is AWESOME!!! Don't get me started on how breathtaking that sheet music wreath is. Geez, it's beautiful. Those poms are so cute, and the chevron is of course GORG. The one you made for me was the first thing I put up in our house. You're so talented!

Alisha said...

Thanks for the mention :) Seriously great mantle...with a fantastic price tag. I can't believe you found those apples that cheap at a thrift store!! Good work :)

Alisha @