Thursday, July 12, 2012

I- phone-ography!

So I am not in town this week and am having to resort to photos on my I phone for this weeks post and it have me an idea to do a post about taking photos with your iPhone and sharing some of my favorite photography apps and some pictures I took with them.

 Finger Focus:

When my daughter was first born I didn't have a nice camera and took all of my pictures on my phone. I was surprised at how good the quality was or how artsy I could get them :) here are a few:

Most I these pictures are barely edited. I got an app called finger focus it allows you to choose where the picture is in focus or not to get the look of using a higher aperture. By making the background or foreground more blurry it gives this effect.

Color Splash:

Another fun one that I don't use often but is still fun is colorsplash. It allows you to choose what parts are in color and what are in black and white. This is fun for making eyes colored in a black and white photo or flowers etc. Here are pictures edited using colorsplash:

This is my gorgeous sister...thanks for modeling:) Finger focus used too... 

This app is nice because it lets you zoom in, and adjust brush sizes and correct back with black and white if you draw too much color:) It's kinda fun...

Of course I LOVE instagram. I like that it is an online sharing community where you can instantly upload to Facebook or other social networks. It is great for fast and easy editing. It has a lot of great frames and quick color washes to apply over your photos. I think instagram in probably one of the most user friendly apps I have for photography and I love it.  I have taken a bunch with this app and uploaded quickly to facebook:

Picture Show:

The last photography app I love is picture show. I found out about it online somewhere and got it quick. It was fairly cheap and does what instagram can do plus some. It has tons of texture effects and color washes. I actually don't love the layout of the program because you have to scroll through every single color wash to see what they look like instead of first seeing a small preview of them all together like instagram. Overall though I think it really produces a nice picture and there are TONS of options.

Overall there are so many options with the iPhone photography and if any of these don't appeal you can always get mustache me and add a variety of mustaches to your pics:) haha...

Have a great weekend and see ya on Tuesday where I will have access to my computer:)


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Elsha Bodily said...

I have heard of of these! I'm so behind, thanks for sharing so I can be part of the social society. And your daughter is freakign adorable! I just want to eat her up!