Monday, June 25, 2012

Side table makeover



I repainted this cute little side table for my little girls room. I got it from my mother in law for free so cost was just paint, and paper. So cheap, and turned out so fun.

1. prep- work: (my least favorite part...) De- glosser agent applied, and sanded to even out surface.
2.) re-painted green. ( 2 coats.)
3.) applied some damask wallpaper I found on clearance $5 for a roll, with Mod podge to backing and inside of drawer.
4.) Spray painted a knob and attached hardware...
not an amazing pic, but shows knob...
 That is it!! So cheap and now a fun bold color!! Total cost: under $5.00, and only about 5 hours total.

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Rebecca Bodily said...

I did not know these drawers started out looking as they did! Well done.